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You should be using a Tigerstream Internet Streaming box to watch TV

08 February 2018




Tigerstream is like a premium smart phone. It has a sexy all aluminum body with all the ports and connections options.There
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The {Cable TV madness} must end!!

08 February 2018



Over the past ten years, cable bills have increased at four times the rate of inflation and now average over $100 a month for basic service.  This does not include any premium channels such as HBO or Showtime. Unfortunately, there does not
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{Streaming Picks} up Steam in 2018

24 January 2018

Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV both launched in the spring of 2017, offering customers over-the-top live television streaming options in line with established services like Sling TV and DirecTV
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{The Trend} is Your friend!

23 January 2018




With the trend toward so-called “cord cutting,” cable and satellite TV operators may have a legitimate worry about declining subscriber numbers. In 2017, 22.2 million U.S. adults cut the cord on pay TV services, like cable or satellite, in favor of
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Rises in {Cable TV rates} have caused customers to go old school

20 January 2018



Replacing the cable TV with rabbit ears and a digital TV converter is easier on the wallet but frustrating at the same time for most viewers. The selection
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Competition in the Cable TV world means higher prices? Huh?

18 January 2018



You would think that with so much competition out in the tech world cable companies like Comcast would be working on ways to lower prices to keep customers, but  no!

They will continue rising prices in 2018. Most customers have had a
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Shalom!!!! Buy a Tigerstream TV Box today!!

16 January 2018

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The {Sports Fans Coalition} gets in on TV streaming

16 January 2018




The nonprofit Sports Fans Coalition in New York is launching an over-the-top TV streaming service called Locast.org. It is doing so without the knowledge or consent of, or compensation to, the 13 local TV stations, including stations owned by the Big
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Internet streaming boxes will {save you money}, interested?

13 January 2018




By now consumers know cable TV is a complete rip off but what are they to do about it? Regional sports and broadcast TV fees have made your cable bill bloated once again. On the heels of its shiny new tax
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{TV and streaming services] are making it easier to find your favorite shows.

12 January 2018




The Internet has taken over as nearly everyone’s favorite TV station. Content providers and device makers find themselves catering to consumers’ desires for better streaming video.One way this demand is being met is the influx of new “Smart TV’s. Streaming services
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In 2018, saving money is easy with the Tigerstream TV Box

11 January 2018



The Tigerstream TV T5x internet streaming box will save you money. The cost of the box is more expensive than other streaming boxes on the market, but you get what you pay for, Other boxes may be lower initially, but will
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Why do you accept higher Cable TV prices when you now have a choice?

10 January 2018




Pay TV service providers say they’re just passing along rising fees from networks and sports leagues but we have heard this excuse before. In fact we have heard this now almost every year for 30 years and it’s time to say
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Cable TV Reign is Over!!

09 January 2018



For 30 plus years, cable tv companies have roped in millions of customers like me with the promise of hundreds of channels and thousands of shows. But in my 20-plus years as a subscriber, there’s one thing I’ve watched mostly go
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Do you want to Free TV? Join the Tigerstream Revolution!!

06 January 2018



If you are tired of feeding the monster that has become the cable TV industry you come to the right place. If you sre seeking an alternative and are interested in Internet streaming and want to find out more
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Are You Fed up by Higher Cable TV Prices?

06 January 2018




Cable and satellite TV providers are ringing in the new year with an unwelcomed gift: higher cable bills. Comcast, for instance, says customer bills will rise 2.2 per cent, on average, in 2018. AT&T is raising DirecTV’s prices by up to
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Cable TV is losing in head to head competition with Internet Streamers

04 January 2018



Are you completely fed up with cable TV’s higher prices and bloated packages? Millions of Americans cut the cord on cable TV in 2017, finding refuge with a growing number of streaming services, which deliver lower prices and a competitive channel
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Internet streaming soars while cable TV falls

03 January 2018



Cord-cutting is not just for millennials anymore. Those who used to vow consumer loyalty have turned away from the bloated prices of pay-TV in favor of a more customizable and cheaper alternative..2018 promises to be the year that more people abandon their
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How to kick Your Cable Provider to the Curb!!!

31 December 2017





At the end of February 2017 my wife and I received a note from Verizon explaining that we had been getting undercharged for our cable service—and to expect that to stop pretty darn quick. This set off a chain of events
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Cable Companies in 2018 are increasing their prices again!

30 December 2017





Per a recent FierceCable report, cable and satellite television companies are gearing up to hike prices of their packages. This will include Comcast, AT&T, Direct TV Now, DISH Network Corp, and Cox
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7 under the radar TV Shows to watch before the year is over

29 December 2017




In 2017, there was an abundance of original TV content produced thanks to Internet streaming services. Many of them entered produced a lot excellent content making it impossible for the typical view to keep track of all
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The Best Internet Streaming Box on the Planet!!!

27 December 2017

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8 out of 10 Sports Fans On board to cancel pay TV

23 December 2017




Sports streaming continues to become more popular daily. While leagues and broadcasters doubled down on digital streaming this year, the vast majority of sports fans continued to pay for cable television. But their loyalty to cable may be waning as fans
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The Cable Television Industry No Longer Has the Power

22 December 2017




Change in any industry is often a positive for the consumer since it offers them more options and more options mean a lower price. Cable TV giants are feeling the reduction in their profits since more and more consumers are moving
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The Death Knell for {Cable TV} in 2018

21 December 2017




The US cable industry excelled for years at bundling their cable channels while enjoying for the most part a monopoly. In my area, the lone choice for cable TV was Time Warner with Verizon joining the mix today as its lone
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The Future looks bright for {TV Streaming} in 2018

20 December 2017



Netflix’s House of Cards in a few weeks will turn five. Since then Netflix doubled its output of originals, getting particularly serious about big-budget feature films and superstar stand-up specials. CBS boldly made spinoffs of Star Trek and The Good Wife available only on its streaming service,
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Net Neutrality = Freedom

19 December 2017




Net Neutrality is the principle that ISPs treat all content equally and not give preference to some digital content providers. That means the consumer can load every website, app, video, .gif, etc., equally, regardless of where the content is hosted. For
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Live {Internet streaming} has come a long way in 2017.

16 December 2017



The entire TV viewing medium has evolved tremendously in just over a decade – a relatively short time in the grand scheme of things. Consumers now have access to greater internet speeds at their homes that have opened them up to
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Who knew a Stream from a Tiger would replace Cable TV…

15 December 2017



There is a product on the market that should convince you to ditch your cable box for good. It’s the Tigerstream TV 5x streaming internet set up box and the content this device has to offer will dazzle you. Tiger Stream
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What a {Tigerstream T5X TV} Set Up Box can do for you.

14 December 2017



The Tigerstream TV T5X is an impressive streaming device which brings television content through the internet into your home. I have had mine for 10 months now and the content it offers is unbelievable. I paid a one-time fee to purchase
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Numbers don’t lie, {Cable TV} is Dying!

13 December 2017



Our consumer costs keep rising and cable TV is no exception. With the mass appeal of YouTube, more and more viewers, particularly those in the younger demographic, are turning on their computers, not their cable boxes, to watch
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The Cable Television Industry No Longer Has the Power

12 December 2017

Change in any industry is often a positive for the consumer since it offers them more options and more options mean a lower price. Cable TV giants are feeling the reduction in their profits since more and more consumers are moving on
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Cutting The Cable Cord Is Here to Stay!

09 December 2017


30 years ago, cable networks started to gain in popularity, the local broadcast networks began to lose viewers.. As more and more cable networks were launched, cable penetration continued to grow and top-tier cable networks began to produce original programming causing
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Why negotiate a better deal with cable companies, just drop them!

09 December 2017



What is your experience in getting free stuff from your cable TV or satellite provider?

I always found you could negotiate a better deal if you ask for a supervisor. They have the authority to make the deal happen.

You could negotiate a
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40 Percent of Americas will cut the cord by 2030, will you be one of them

08 December 2017




85 percent of Americans still subscribe to a cable TV service which is totally baffling to me. The Cable TV paradigm started its expansion to the general public in the 1960’s, 1970’s so its use is now very old
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What Is a Kodi Streaming Media box? Tigerstream T5X TV box by far!!

06 December 2017


A Kodi internet box provides access to streaming media content which includes live Tv, sports, movies, TV shows, Kids shows, videos, and music. It is extremely flexible and it works across just about every major operating system
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Cable TV subscriptions are in Freefall due to internet streaming

05 December 2017



United States cable TV companies lost 1.2 million customers in third-quarter 2017 thanks to cord cutting.

In the last 3-4 years, the internal dynamics of the U.S. pay-TV industry have been gradually shifting from cable-TV operators to large telecom operators and low-cost
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You Now Have a Choice – Cut Cable TV Today!!!

02 December 2017



Television is changing for the better thanks to the internet. The days of having to choose between 1-2 cable providers (The Hatfields and the McCoys) is over. We now have a choice and the most intelligent choice is to purchase a
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Dumping Cable is a no-brainer.

30 November 2017


I finally cut the cord.

Verizon fios decided to double my cable fees after my two year double play deal came to an end. I was not about the pay them such an exorbitant fee
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What is The Tigerstream TV Box?

29 November 2017



The Tigerstream TV Box  is line a premium smart phone.

It has a sexy all aluminum body with all the ports and connections options.

There are three USB ports, SD card reader, optical audio out, red, white, &
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28 November 2017


The Tigerstream TV T5X Box Is The Best Android Streaming Device For Your TV Bar None!!

The Tiger T5X is a Smart TV Box that is powered by Android that plugs into the HD port of your existing High Definition TV and turns
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Save Hundreds a Month on Cable TV

25 November 2017



Tigerstream is hands down the best internet streaming set up box on the market. With this box, you can trade in your cable box
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